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How much theacrine is too much?

When taken by mouth: Theacrine is POSSIBLY SAFE when a taken by mouth, short-term. A specific product (TeaCrine) providing 300 mg of theacrine daily has been used safely for up to 8 weeks. No side effects have been reported.

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What does theacrine do to the body?

TeaCrine, also known as Theacrine, is a naturally occurring chemical compound. When taken in large quantities, it stimulates the central nervous systems and increases energy levels. Consuming low amounts of it can also reduce the activity of the central nerve system.

Does TeaCrine increase dopamine?

In various rodent models, theacrine has been shown to increase dopamine levels, decrease ROS (reactive oxidative species) and inflammation, decrease adenosine, and modulate other neurotransmitters. Keeping this in consideration, what tea has theacrine? Theacrine is a specific purine alkaloid in Kucha and no or little theacrine was detected in the leaf of Camellia sinensis which is usually used for processing green tea or black tea. Both theacrine and caffeine are detected in leaf of C. kucha.

Is theacrine a xanthine?

Theacrine's chemical structure is structurally similar to that of caffeine. It is a synthetic alkaloid with a substituted xanthine core. Xanthine is a substituted purine, which contains two fused rings, a pyrimidine and imidazole. And another question, how is theacrine made? Theacrine is an important purine alkaloid converted from caffeine by hydration, oxidation and methylation. In usual, large quantities of purine alkaloids such as caffeine and theobromine, and little theacrine are synthesized in C. sinensis plants.

Does theacrine increase dopamine?

Theacrine has been demonstrated to increase dopamine levels, decrease ROS and inflammation, decrease adenosine and modulate other neurotransmitters in rodent models.

Is theacrine and TeaCrine the same?

TeaCrine (also known as Theacrine) is a naturally occurring chemical compound. It stimulates the central nervous system and increases one's energy levels when it's consumed in high doses. It also decreases the activity of the central nervous system when it's consumed in low doses. And another question, is teacrine a nootropic? People using TeaCrine for nootropic benefits find that TeaCrine helps promote stable focus and energy without the typical drawbacks of caffeine, making TeaCrine an ideal option for those looking to stay fueled for long bursts of productivity.

By Krenn Tocco

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