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What is the difference between baicalin and baicalein?

is that baicalein is (organic compound) 5,6,7-trihydroxyflavone, a flavone originally isolated from the roots of scutellaria baicalensis that acts as a lipoxygenase inhibitor and anti-inflammatory agent while baicalin is (organic compound) a flavone, the glucuronide of baicalein, found in scutellaria baicalensis and

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What's the difference between magnesium citrate and malate?

The main difference between magnesium citrate and magnesium malate is that the magnesium citrate is a combination of mineral magnesia and malic acid, while the magnesium malate is a combination of both mineral magnesium and citric acids. Magnesium malate, a highly bioavailable magnesium form, is available.

Then, what is baicalin in skin care?

What is Baicalin? Baicalin is a natural skin care ingredient extracted from the Baical skullcap plant. It has a remarkable anti-ageing effect on skin aged 30 and over and is a key ingredient in our organic anti-ageing skin care. Moreover, what is baicalin used for? Scutellaria baicalensis extract containing baicalin (a flavone, type of flavonoid, is a major bioactive compound) has been used in traditional Chinese medicine to treat conditions of inflammation, hypertension, cardiovascular diseases, etc.

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